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Important Phone Numbers

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Certificate of Insurance Requests
You may obtain a certificate of insurance for Capitol Hill Lofts Condominium Association online at  http://www.locktonrequestforms.com/sudler/certrequest.html  or you may call Marcia... [more]

Michael Mathews - Property Supervisor
Phone: (312) 706-2417   Fax: (312) 751-2206    Email: [email protected]


Sudler Corporate Office & 24/7 Emergency Assistance
875 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3980 Chicago, IL 60611
Phone  (312) 751-0900
Fax (312) 751-1730
 http://www.sudlerchicago.com/ [more]

Sudler Transaction Department (for Sales & Refinancing Documents)
Phone: (312) 706-2417   Fax: (312) 751-2206 
Orders for condo questionnaires, etc. should be placed through the follwing website: www.homewisedocs.com [more]

Internet Installation and Service
For installation and repair of internet service please call accessmedia3 @ 866-263-3241 or http://www.am3inc.com/ [more]

Com Ed
Customer Service for Com Ed is 800-edison1 or 800-334-7661 [more]

DirecTV Channel Upgrades
To upgrade your channel line-up contact DirecTV @ 800-531-5000. All service-related requests should be made through accessmedia3 @ 866-263-3241 [more]

DirecTV Installation & Service - accessmedia3
For All Customer Service on your DirecTV Reception contact accessmedia3 at 866-263-3241 [more]

HVAC Repairs
Air-Rite (630) 264-1150 [more]

Security Shop (773) 525-6705 (mention you are Sudler Managed Condo Association for preferred rates) [more]

Balcony Door Repairs
Doors Done Right, Inc. (815)356-5760 [more]

42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly
Phone:  (312) 642-4242     Fax:  (312) 642-0420     e-mail:  [email protected] [more]

Unit Remodeling & Repair Insurance
Before starting the work, all general contractors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance to the Management Company naming Capitol Hill Lofts Condominium Association, its Board of... [more]

Preferred Rate Homeowners Insurance
Click the more link to find out the details... [more]


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